About Swiss Clinic About Swiss Clinic

About Swiss Clinic

Targeted and innovative beauty treatments with lasting results that you can apply at home.

Swiss Clinic works with leading developers worldwide, and with a team in Switzerland. Our goal is to develop high-tech beauty products and treatments with active, natural ingredients.

Our brand promise is to deliver safe, precise and quality products with visible, long-lasting results.



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A natural approach to beauty

At Swiss Clinic, we believe that the best results are achieved when treatments work to enhance your natural beauty. This, coupled with our mission to bridge the gap between cosmetics and invasive, often costly medical and surgical treatments, forms the basis of our product development philosophy.

We work with leading developers worldwide, including a core team in Switzerland to ensure that our products are as effective, safe and natural as can be. In a nutshell; We develop products and treatments that allow you to enhance your beauty naturally, achieving salon/clinic results at home.

Product safety

We have an innovative and creative approach to product development. We use the best from science, nature and design, and are always in step with the latest trends, but we never compromise on quality or safety.

We can guarantee the highest possible quality through our central production, but we also rely on local distribution partners. All our suppliers adhere to the specific, local requirements for traceability, safety and emissions.

Through our commitment to the industry association KTF and Cosmetics Europe, we actively support efforts for a safer and more harmonised beauty industry. Swiss Clinic AB is a locally registered vendor of food products in Stockholm, Sweden. We do not perform any animal testing and are proud members of PETA.

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Performance guarantee

The key to satisfied customers is our performance guarantee, which applies to our entire range. Through clinical studies we ensure that our products really provide the results that we guarantee our customers.

Our cosmetic products are dermatologically tested and our range of health foods follows the food safety guidelines required by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

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A popular concept

The brand Swiss Clinic has grown rapidly in the Scandinavian market. There is a steadily growing demand for safe, effective and innovative products with lasting results, and we are proud to have helped thousands of customers with their beauty concerns.

Our products and ingredients have also earned the recognition of skin therapists and industry experts around the world, and we are constantly developing new methods to create effective treatments.

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