What is Swiss Clinic's view on customer satisfaction?

Our goal is 100% satisfied customers. We know it is difficult. To redeem this, we must reach and even exceed our customers' expectations with our products, customer service, delivery, etc. If you are unhappy with us for any reason, we would like to be in touch with you. We welcome any kind of feedback and we want to continually evolve, and above all, to make sure you are satisfied.

Visit our Customer Service Portal here for the easiest and fastest support.

How can I become an ambassador for Swiss Clinic?

Would you like to share a story of how Swiss Clinic has affected your every day life? Our reporters are happy to set up an interview, since we believe that many customers appreciate genuine stories with real people and their skin care problems and the solutions they've found, that deliver long-lasting results. Contact us at and our customer service will redirect your message to the right person in our marketing team. 

I love social media and I would like to cooperate with you. Whom should I be in touch with?

Swiss Clinic wants to be active on social media and is always looking for satisfied customers to cooperate with. Please get in contact with us, and we will tell you more. We have always valued long-lasting and genuine relationships. Please email us at, and we will be in touch with you. 

I believe that Swiss Clinic could be even better. Where can I give feedback?

We value all feedback and are always developing in order to be able to offer our customers the best. Do not hesitate to contact us at