Face Dry Mask Face Dry Mask

Face Dry Mask

Why is it important to use the treatment for 9 consecutive days?

Whilst just one treatment will provide an immediate improvement in skin texture, glow and radiance, treating the skin for 9 consecutive days is key to achieving the optimal results. Using our 9-day Face Dry Mask Treatment guarantees long-lasting results.

How can a face mask be dry and why is this a benefit?

All the ingredients in the Face Dry Mask are embedded in the textile. This means it can remain dry for treatment, allowing for a luxurious treatment experience without any mess.

The fact that it is dry, means it does not attract dust, bacteria, or dirt in the manner traditional masks do, making it more hygienic.

Traditional face masks can be messy, uncomfortable and at times even painful upon application. The ease of use of Face Mask Dry means you avoid all of this.

Water and other inactive liquids in traditional masks account for a large part of their ingredients. Face Mask Dry is made up of 87% active ingredients – all of which are absorbed by the skin during treatment.

Having a dry surface, means that Face Mask Dry can be re-used 3 times.

When is it best to use the mask?

The mask is suitable for use any time of the day. Ultimately, it’s up to you. Use it at night to deeply nourish the skin whilst you sleep, or in the morning to give you healthy instant glow.

The staff at Swiss Clinic share some of their top tips: ”If you want to use it in the morning, do so 30 minutes before your regular regime or make-up application. This way, aside from the glow and radiance, the effect of the mask is similar to that of having applied a primer!”

”I like to use it in the evening, after a having spent hours in front of a computer screen and then having been exposed to the elements. After the treatment I can both see and feel the active ingredients working – my skin feels tighter and smoother and feels energised!”

Will I get better results if I leave the mask on for more than 15 minutes?

No, in 15 minutes the active ingredients are absorbed by the skin. Leaving it on for longer won’t make a difference.

How long to the active ingredients continue to work after taking the mask off?

Thanks to the patented water-free technology comprising 87% active ingredients, your skin is clean and smooth after the treatments. This means you do not, and should not rinse your face. The active ingredients can then continue to work for eight hours. Compared to traditional masks, which typically carry on for 45 minutes, that is 11 times longer.

Is the mask suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Young or old, male or female, Face Dry Mask will do wonders for you. The unique blend of active ingredients treats oily, course, sensitive or dry skin in the best possible way.

How long can I keep the mask?

Once the packaging is opened, the mask will keep for 3 months. Each package has a use by date on it to let you know when to use an unopened package by.