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Where can I read studies on your products?

Behind each product and treatment lies long and hard development work, to precisely produce the best quality and the best ingredients available.

We select active ingredients that affect the skin, hair, teeth, etc. in a positive way. These ingredients are precisely selected, because they have proven effect and studies that they contribute to an improvement.

It is not we who have developed the studies, but our suppliers.

At each product page under product information, we always mention the ingredients that are active.
One tip for you is to do your own research and see what you find when you search for that ingredient.

Where can I find more advice and tips on your treatments?

We always try to encourage you to find the answer yourself. In our experience, it is the simplest and most enjoyable way. In addition to all the information on the product pages, you can find most of this here among our FAQ. A good tip is also to take a tour of our Tips & Guides (menu), where we post a lot of articles in Magazine.

Do you have How-To videos?

Videos are so much more fun than plain text. On most product pages there is a video together with the product pictures.

Our Youtube channel has them all gathered. You can also see here in Questions & Answers in the category How-To Videos.

Where can I read other people's reviews?

You can find reviews about our services, products and us as a company in several places.
The three main platforms are:

• Product pages (under Testimonials)

Can you send me a product catalog?

Our website is our product catalog at the moment. In the menu under Shop -> All products you'll get a good overview of our home treatments.

How can I subscribe for your newsletter?

At the very bottom of our website you will find a box 'Sign up for our newsletter!'.
Enter your email address and register. Your registration will shortly after be confirmed with an e-mail.

I know what will be the next big beauty hit!

You have to share it with us!

Get in touch with all your suggestions, whether it's about products, design, the next big influencer and so on.