What is Rejuvenating Serum?

Rejuvenating Serum is a calming and moisturizing serum, which reinstates the natural hydration of the skin, and enhances skin renewal. With the help of the active ingredient beta-glucan, the natural collagen production of the skin is activated. Collagen is a protein found in the connective tissue, which helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles.

The serum is effective for dry skin, but can produce a tightening sensation which can be experienced as dryness. Of course, you can combine Rejuvenating Serum with your usual day or night cream.

As it only has a minimal amount of additives, the level of micronized Beta-glucan is high and you only need a small amount to moisturise a minor sore.

The bottle has a so called Air Pump, which means that you need to pump out all excess air (can require up to 20 pumps). When all air is pumped out of the bottle, you will be able to pump out the serum.

Does the serum contain preservatives?

Yes, but only very little. Only a third compared to ordinary creams.

The Rejuvenating Serum is fragrance-free and incredibly gentle on the skin. We believe this is the optimal product to calm, protect and help the skin recuperate in the best manner.

What is the serum’s shelf life?

The expiry date can be found on the bottom of the bottle. You can store the gel in the fridge, to give your skin a cooling effect upon application.

Can you use it around mucus membranes and open sores?

Yes. The cream is designed to work around the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and on smooth skin. The bottle also has a specially designed pump that prevents external contamination from affecting the contents.

Has the Rejuvenating Serum been tested on animals?

No, none of Swiss Clinic’s products are tested on animals and we are a proud member of PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.