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Self Tanning

Do I need both tanning products to achieve results?

They both work  just fine on their own as well.

How do I use your Self Tanning products?

Morning routine:
Add a few drops of Self-Tanning Drops to your day cream or sunscreen (factor 30 SPF is our suggested use on face and neck) or apply directly on your skin.

Evening routine:
Gently cleanse your skin with Micellar Cleansing Gel, then gently apply a Self-Tan Pad to your skin with circular motions. This will continue to nurture your tan, while moisturizing and caring for your skin throughout the night.

Increase the number of repetitions with the pads to enhance the pigments intensity

Can the products rub off on my clothes or sheets?

We wish that you make sure that the skin is dry. After applying Self-Tanning Drops, the skin is moist and needs to absorb the ingredients for approx. 1 hour. Our Self-Tanning Pads are 'Pillow Proof' and will not leave stains on the bed sheet or pillowcase. Allow the ingredients to be absorbed for 1 hour before you go to bed.

How many times must I treat to achieve results?

You should see differences already after the first treatment.
You increase the color intensity by treating several days in a row until you have the wonderful brown shade you desire.

How quickly will the color disappear after I stop the treatment?

It is quite individual how fast the color decreases.
It usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Can I use the products in combination with my regular skincare products?

Yes! You can mix the Self-Tanning Drops with your day cream. Add the amount of day cream you need in your palm and then 1-3 drops of the Self-Tanning Drops. Mix the cream with the drops and apply it to the skin as usual. This can also be done with your skin care products for the body.

It’s not a must to mix the Self-Tanning Drops with a cream. You can also apply it directly as it is on the skin.

Self-Tanning Pads are already moisturizing, but of course you can combine it with a night cream. You can apply your night cream before or after treating with the Self-Tanning Pads.

Allow one product to be absorbed for 30-60 minutes before applying the other product.

Can I treat with the Skin Roller while using your Self Tanning products?

This should be done during the days you take a break from the Skin Roller.
We wish you to apply the Self-Tanning products first when you’ve let your skin rest for 3 days.

Do the products contain SPF?

No, none of our products contain SPF

Can I apply the drops to my body?

Yes! Mix some drops in your body lotion.

What should I consider when I use Self- Tanning products?

Do not apply to damaged, irritated or sensitive skin. Avoid eye contact.

Uneven color occur often due to the dead skin cells.

Therefore, we recommend that you have a cleaning routine, e.g. peeling, to minimize the number of dead skin cells on the skin surface and maintain an even color.

Does the content smell bad?

On the contrary, actually.

We have received many compliments from customers that both the pads and the drops have a pleasant scent. Something that is rare for self tanning products.