Is it safe to shop on

Absolutely. Safety is our number one priority, from product development through data protection to delivery of your products. We are dedicated to using only certified, proven and reputable companies as research, development, production, payment and delivery partners and suppliers. We also have an excellent Customer Service team in place to help you throughout your interaction with Swiss Clinic.

Are the products in my basket reserved whilst I continue browsing?

Unfortunately, we cannot reserve any products. Many of our products are in high demand and we sometimes run out of stock. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you proceed to checkout as soon as you have finished selecting your products.

Why doesn’t my discount voucher code work?

If you have a discount voucher, you need to enter the code at checkout, in the “Gift token/Discount code” field, and then click on the “Update” button next to it. Please note that the code is case sensitive, so you will need to enter it exactly as you received it.

If the discount is still not applied it may be the case that:

  • the code has expired
  • the minimum spend amount has not been met
  • the code has already been used on a previous order

Please read through the conditions of your unique code carefully.

I already placed an order but want to add some products. How do I do that?

Provided your first order hasn’t already been shipped, you simply create a new order. You will automatically be offered to combine the products into one parcel once you get to check out. If the first order has already been shipped, they will be sent as two separate parcels.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Of course you can. To make any changes or cancellations, get in touch with Customer Service as soon as possible.

Visit our Customer Service Portal here for the easiest and fastest support.

I am having trouble with my order, can you help me?

Most problems arise when you use the browser’s “back button” to return to the previous page. In order to avoid this, try to use the “Continue shopping” button or the menus to navigate around the site. This way you will retain any products already in the basket.