Skin Resculpting Treatment Skin Resculpting Treatment

Skin Resculpting Treatment

Can I use the Skin Resculpting treatment during pregnancy?

There are no known adverse effects of the treatment, yet we recommend you abstain during pregnancy.

Does the Skin Roller – Body cause pain or bleeding?

The Skin Roller – Body has a deep penetrating effect which can be felt during treatment. That said, it should not be painful to use, nor should it cause bleeding. If you experience either of these sensations, you are pressing too hard.

We recommend that you begin with light pressure and increase over time to reach a level that feels right for you.

If you notice that your skin is irritated or red, and doesn’t recover in a day or so, you should stop the treatment for a few days, until the skin is fully recovered.

How do I make the most of my Skin Resculpting Treatment?

As always, following the instructions included in the treatment is of utmost importance. Furthermore, to maximise the effects, we recommend that you combine the treatment with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

Be gentle when you begin the treatment and work your way up to a level of pressure that is suitable for you.

What is the difference between Skin Renewal and Skin Resculpting Treatment?

Skin Renewal is a treatment specifically developed for the face. This set contains a Skin Roller and the Rejuvenating Serum. The Skin Resculpting Treatment is to be used on the body and comprises a Skin Roller – Body and the Cryogel. The difference between the Skin Roller (0.5 mm) and Skin Roller – Body (0.5 mm) is the microneedles; Skin Roller – Body has almost 3 times as many needles, with bigger gaps between them.

This means it is wider and more suitable for use on bigger areas, such as thighs, stomach or upper arms. The added number of needles also means it is able to penetrate thicker skin. We do not recommend using the Skin Roller – Body in the face as it is intended for use on the body only.