Does the Skin Roller work for everybody?

Yes, the Skin Roller gives the same effect and results regardless of gender, pigment or age. Our treatments are only to be used on persons over 18 years of age.

The needles contain 8,23% nickel and 0,23% titanium. If the needle would contain less than this, the needle wouldn’t be durable enough. If you disinfect the roller before and after every use, the needle shouldn’t cause any allergy. If you are very sensitive to nickel, you might get a reaction. The needles are covered with silver, so the skin won't be in direct contact with the nickel. 

Regardless of this, we advise you to withhold from use if you are unsure.

How long does the Skin Roller last?

Unfortunately, the Skin Roller can't be used forever. Bacteria is gathered on the roller, that can not be 100% removed.The needles also get dull after a longer time of use. If you wish to keep on doing the treatment for a longer time, we recommend you replace your Skin Roller after 3-4 months. 

How often should I use the Skin Roller?

We recommend that you use the Skin Roller for 5 days. Allow the skin to rest for the same period of time before resuming treatment. It is important that you do not use your roller too often as the skin needs to rest in order to heal. 

You can carry out the treatment before bedtime so that you give the body the optimum condition for maximising collagen production (when it is resting). Naturally, you can also use the roller at other times, but keep in mind that it can cause slight redness of the skin, and that you should not apply any cosmetics on the skin for a few hours after rolling. 

Can I use the Skin Roller if I'm pregnant?

There is a slight risk for hyperpigmentation, if you use the Skin Roller during pregnancy. The strain on the skin, combined with high hormone levels can cause changes in pigmentation. This is why we do not recommend that you use the SKin Roller when you are pregnant. You can apply the serum on its own, if you wish. 

What length of Skin Roller should I use?

In order to find the length that suits you best, we recommend that you read our needle length guide. It explains what the different Skin Roller lengths are suitable for, as well as how to use and take care of your Skin Roller. You can find it here.

How do you keep your Skin Roller clean?

The easiest way to clean your Skin Roller is to spray it with our Sanitizing Spray, both before and after use. The Sanitizing Spray includes Aloe Vera and vitamin E, and does not dry the skin. Store your Skin Roller in its packaging and remember to never share your roller with anyone else, nor lend it to anyone. 

Do you really have to combine the treatment with a cream or gel?

The Swiss Clinic Skin Roller is a remarkable tool that is simple, safe and effective. In order to maximise the treatment, we have developed serums and masks with active ingredients, that complement microneedling and enhance the effect. This process enables the active ingredients in our serums and masks to be absorbed in a way that simply is not possible on untreated skin. In fact, the absorption is increased by 300%!

Does the Skin Roller prevent hair loss?

Tests have shown that use of the Skin Roller has resulted in hair re-growth some cases, but it is more common that existing hair becomes stronger. Individual strands of hair have a longer life span, thus preventing hair thinning.

How effective is the Skin Roller against stretch marks?

Swiss Clinic has developed a treatment especially designed to treat both stretch marks and cellulite on the body. We recommend you take a look at the Skin Resculpting Treatment-set. The set includes the Skin Roller Body, designed to be used on the thicker skin of the body. The Skin Roller Body is broader than the normal Skin Roller, and has bigger gaps between the needles. This makes it easier to treat larger areas of the body, and the needles penetrate deeper. This makes the treatment optimal for treating cellulites.

Can you sunbathe after using the Skin Roller?

You should not sunbathe immediately after treatment in either a solarium or in strong sunshine, but it is fine to go out in regular spring sunshine following treatment. We strongly recommend Rejuvenating Serum in combination with all our skin treatments as it contains Beta-glucan, which is a natural immune stimulator that provides natural protection for scar tissue that is exposed to sunlight. 

Is the Skin Roller a genuine derma roller?

It is common that skin rollers are called "Derma Rollers" ("Derma" is Latin and means skin). Our roller is not called "Derma roller", since it has its own brand name, which is the Skin Roller. Our Skin Roller is CE certified.