Skin Care Range Skin Care Range

Skin Care Range

How long do the products last?

Provided you use the products in accordance with the instructions, without missing any days, the following applies:

Day Cream 50ml applied in the morning, lasts 4-5 weeks.

Night Cream 50ml applied in the evening, lasts 4-5 weeks.

Eye Cream 15ml applied in the morning and evening, lasts 3-4 weeks.

Face Serum 30ml applied in the morning and evening (before Day Cream and Night Cream), lasts 4 weeks.

Micellar Cleansing Gel 125ml used morning and/or evening lasts 4-5 weeks.

Does Eye Cream help reduce dark circles under the eyes?

Yes! Our Eye Cream is proven to reduce dark circles.

Do the products contain animal ingredients?

All Swiss Clinic products, bar the Night Cream, are free from animal ingredients. The night cream contains bees wax, an ingredient for which there is no artificial replacement to date. It has unique characteristics that provide more protection than oils and fats thanks to the structure of wax, allowing the skin to absorb it slowly. It does not clog pores, calms irritated skin and softens the epidermis. The night cream also includes snail mucin, known for its powerful restorative and rehydrating properties. 

None of our products are tested on animals, and Swiss Clinic are proud to be members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

What differentiates Skin Care Range from similar products?

Hyaluronic acid is commonly used in skin care and is considered effective at combating signs of aging. The Skin care range has been developed to combine several different hyaluronic acids, in fact 8 different types, as opposed to 1 or 2 you find in similar products

The main benefit with so many variations, is that the products work on many levels, reducing signs of aging by combating a range of different skin issues, as well as being suitable for most skin types.

Is Skin Care Range suitable for my skin type?

Containing 8 different types of hyaluronic acids and 5 different peptides, The Skin Care Range by Swiss Clinic is truly unique and works on many different levels providing unrivalled results.

The ingredients are carefully chosen and combined to rebuild, create a glow, penetrate and rehydrate the skin, all whilst deeply nourishing it. This means that the PENTA-technology is suitable and beneficial for all types of skin.

The series is recommended for young and old, men and women.