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Swiss Clinic partners with Hudcentrum, a leading Swedish Dermatology Clinic. With several specialist Consultants in areas including acne, eczema, and skin cancer, they can offer advice on treatment options for a wide array of skin issues.

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"Our vision is to create a close collaboration that encompasses research, product development and unrivalled service within medical skin care and aesthetics."
Johan Heilborn Dermatology Consultant, founder of Hudcentrum

This is Skin Renewal

The award-winning at-home treatment that diminishes scars. Read more

Skin Renewal



Together, we can offer a holistic approach to skin care - encompassing both medical and aesthetic aspects


Meet Maria, and find out how she eradicated her acne scars

Micellar Cleansing Gel

The ultimate one-step cleanser for all skin types.

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Skin Renewal

The award winning microneedling treatment that reduces scars and pock marks.

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Sanitizing Spray Kit

The spray specially developed to safely and simply clean the Skin Roller and other beauty tools.

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