At-Home Self Tanner by Swiss Clinic At-Home Self Tanner by Swiss Clinic

Perfect tan
made in the shade

Everyone loves the sun, and that healthy, vigorous glow you get from being on the beach. But we know that the sun is no longer our friend when it comes to caring for our skin. Tanning is out, but we still want to look and feel like it's summer throughout the year.

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Better for your skin.

Our 2-step treatment gives you that golden glow, while moisturising and caring for your skin. Easy, even and odourless. A perfect tan without the sun.

Mix with your day cream or sunscreen

Visible results after only one treatment

Fucogel provides long-lasting hydration

Odourless formula

Paraben free

Alcohol free

Suitable for all skin types

No-stain formula

Easy to use

Day: Add 1-3 drops to your day cream, serum or sunscreen

Approx. 50 Day use
Approx. 18 Day use

Night: Use 1-2 pads and smooth on to a clean face and neck.

25 Day use
12 Day use

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A Healthy Summer Skin Routine

”Sun exposure not only dries and damages your skin, it's dangerous. Hydrating, moisturising and being careful in the sun - these are the key ingredients for healthy skin.”

- Andrea Richter, Product Developer

Sun Exposure Risks

— Permanent pigmentation changes

— Scarring and melanoma (cancer)

— Sagging skin, loss of elasticity

— Irreversible wrinkles and freckles

— Premature ageing


The Perfect Sun Substitute:

Pillow Proof, so you take the tan with you.

No more smudging or colourising your expensive bed linens, our tanning treatment stays where it should, on your skin.

No Ozone, No Problem.

Regardless of the season, UV radiation is damaging to your skin. Now you can safely experience all the benefits of looking like you're on holiday throughout the year.

Even and Odourless.

Our treatment delivers a smooth, even tan that looks healthy and natural. And our formulations are odourless, so there's no competing with your favourite fragrance.

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