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Face & Hand Perfecting Masks
Face & Hand Perfecting Masks in the group Skin Care at SWISS CLINIC (OBHF17001-SET)

Face & Hand Perfecting Masks

£53 / £39

Beauty treatment for the two most visible parts of your body; Face & Hands. The Face Dry Mask and Hand Dry Mask are developed based on the same technology; a patented water-free formula comprising 87% active ingredients. The masks provide the skin with nourishment and hydration.

The immediate effects are visible after just a 15-minute treatment; tightened and glowing skin. But on a deeper level, with continuous use, they will also reduce fine lines, even out skin tone and leave the skin truly rejuvenated. Each mask can be used 3 times - go on, treat yourself!

The set includes one Face Dry Mask & one Hand Dry Mask

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